Green Events: Mission Statement

What we do:

  • Green Events is a full service corporate event planning firm headquartered in Salamanca, Spain. We understand the integral role that corporate events play in enhancing brand recognition, generating leads, increasing customer loyalty and promoting employee retention.
  • We design and manage events that makes a commitment toward a more economically just and environmentally sustainable society, and to develop value and significance on the customers, employees, enviroment and communities, integrating sustainable, and responsible business practices that deliver targeted business results.
  • Green Events has embraced innovation, sustainability and social responsability as cores value and defining specialities, and would proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development.

Our Vision & Mission:

  • Our vision is to implement the best practices in the meeting industry, to incorporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility as a best management practice enhancing the value proposition for its stakeholders and the community, through innovation, education and performance, because well executed events are powerful marketing opportunities to build relationships, create good will and set your company apart from the competition.
  • Our commitment is to ensure that the services and solutions what we deliver to our customers, employees, and vendors is based on sustainable, and responsible business practices resulting in the viability of economic, environmental and social components.

Principles & Values:

  • Commitment to engage in activities that make a diference in our customers, employees, and communities by creating meaningful interactions and doing all we can to promote a positive change in society.
  • Our core principles of conduct are:
    • Innovation: Application of new solutions that meet new requirements in a changing enviroment.
    • Collaboration: Working with all the members of the public sphere to realize shared goals.
    • Share: Openly sharing so others can learn to strive for a sustainable future.
    • Integrity: Making decisions every day that stay true to our values.
    • Transparency: Being open and honest in all our communications.
    • Empowerment: Encourage customers, employees and communities to accomplish their goals.

Connect. Collaborate. Empower.

Events with heart: Innovation, sustainability, and social responsability to increase your bottom line and your reputation.